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You may have delayed completing your GED because of the difficulty of finding the time and the place to finish it. The Barbour International Education Academy understands the demands and challenges of everyday life; therefore, we provide you the opportunity to complete your GED preparation conveniently online, at any time and at any place. Our curriculum is designed and geared towards busy adults; this is why our lessons are no longer than 30 minutes at a time.

Passing the GED is about preparation and knowing what’s going to be tested. Along with ongoing assessments and teacher graded essays, we offer live chat tutoring, live lectures, and academic support from registration until graduation. You can enroll and complete all 4 GED test preparations sections or enroll and complete one section at a time. Choose and click your option and start your first lesson now.

Our GED Test Prep Courses will be added soon. Check this page and the News on the front page for any updates.

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The GED exam is made up of 4 subjects, broken into separate exams: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. You can purchase the entire course and complete them at your own pace.

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GED Science

Learn to understand science concepts, know how to read graphs and charts displaying scientific data, and use reasoning to interpret science information. The science exam is not about memorization. You won’t need to memorize the periodic table of elements, but you will need to recognize names and symbols of key elements in answering some questions.
Sections include: Reading for Meaning in Science, Designing and Interpreting Science Experiments, Using Numbers and Graphics in Science.

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Reasoning Through Language Arts

Learn reading and writing concepts, including grammar. You’ll need to read excerpts from a variety of informational and literary sources and show your understanding, draw conclusions, and write clearly. Your writing will demonstrate your ability to analyze two passages, decide which argument has more convincing evidence and explain why the evidence supports your choice.
Sections include: Reading for Meaning, Identifying and Creating Arguments, Grammar and Language.

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GED Social Studies

Learn to apply American social studies concepts, know how to read graphs and charts displaying social studies data, and use reasoning to interpret information. The social studies exam is not about memorization. You won’t need to memorize the capitals of countries or dates that events occurred but given some information about an event you might need to use that in drawing conclusions.
Sections include: Reading for Meaning in Social Studies, Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies, Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies.

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Math Reasoning

Learn math concepts, measurements, equations, and applying math concepts to solve real-life problems. You don’t have to memorize formulas and will be provided a formula sheet to use on the exam. Sections include: Basic Math, Geometry, Basic Algebra, Graphs and Functions.

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