American Football Officials: Referee and Wing Module


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Theoretical level

The following things are covered during the course:

• Brief summary of content reviewed on the Basic Module.

• Detailed review of Mechanics for Referee

• Detailed review of mechanics for Line judge

• Detailed review of mechanics for Linesman

• Detailed review of the use of chain crew and ball boys

• Detailed review of rules that are particularly important for the above position’s educators

The course is structured as a class lesson with practical elements along the way. Participants are expected to actively participate in teaching by solving assignments, participating in hands-on exercises, and contributing to discussions along the way. All participants are provided with a rulebook and one Judge manual. The course is taught by an approved instructor. In order to pass the course, you must attend all day and pass a minor test.

20:00- 20:45 (Central European Time)

8 students

75 USD

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